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Originally Posted by kief420 View Post
That nhm1 male looks like a beast ! I hope you kept a cut
Hello kief420. Yes, I have a clone of NHM1 in my veg cabinet.

I am now keeping a careful watch on the males, which have been separated from the females, with an eye towards selecting males from which to make F2s. I've liked GW1 from early on due to stickiness of stem rubs in veg and a nice odor. NHM1 is interesting due to its vigor. Not much noteworthy (to me, anyway, from GW6. So I decided to use my cheap USB microscope to take some pics of flowers from the 3 male plants at F22 to compare resin development.

GW1 at F22

GW6 at F22

NHM1 at F22

I would say at this point GW1 leads the pack in resin development, although none of them are what I would consider very resinous at the moment. How much of this is due to longer-vs-shorter flowering time and how much of it is due to better genetics?

Interestingly, the very vigorous NHM1 is running a distant third in the resin production race, from what I can tell.
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