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Originally Posted by wwwwww View Post
Also a PSA to all: the buy now price of grail widow is 50, and I see it on the auction site now for over 80. Please get a sheet of the buy now prices from Simone so you donít overspend.
Thanks for the tip!

Originally Posted by Marcus_in_the_Darkus View Post
@thefoetus, thanks, and glad to see you are interested in these two stains as well. You did a great job with your Nl5Hz selection run and I'd love to see what these NH crosses do with a larger population from which to select. I sure as hell hope the Grail Widow lineage is the same as was reported from the testers, but I understand why there is some uncertainty because the strain description title says "Widow x Haze (Holy Grail)," which implies a female widow crossed with a male haze, which is opposite of what the actual description says...
Thanks Marcus! Yes we were keen to select from a good enough sized pool. Nevil wrote that he worked with batches of 40-50 which inspired me - 2 packs of MNS is about 40 seeds. We will also be selecting the Nev Mango out of 40 seeds.

Originally Posted by Nevil
Most of the work I did was with batches of 40-50 seeds at a time.
The variety I grew the most of was NL5xHzC. No.1 came out in the first batch of about 20 females. Over the years I've grown many 1000s. In most respects, it was still the best. No.122, the one Shanti dubbed the Mango, came after years of searching, a tireless quest on my part. Aspiring growers often came to me and I regularly made them start with 5Hz seed. There are a few cuts around from those exploits, but they weren't as good as 1 and 122. But almost. As I said before, there's not a sea of difference between the best out of 50 and the best out of 1000. But there is a difference for the most discerning.
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