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GW1 seed plant and clone at F13. Definitely the most interesting plant in veg with early trichomes, sticky stem rub and nice sweet&sour fragrance. Turned out to be a male, which is kind of a bummer. Worse, I flowered the only clone I got, several other cuts failed to root, so I'm going to grab some more cuts today at F14 and tray again, this time using peat pucks instead of rapid rooters in my prop dome.

GW2, female, at F13.

GW3, female, at F13. This seedling was the runt of the litter. Faint onion smells. I was unable to get a cutting from this plant to root, so I may try a couple more cuts tonight.

GW6, male, at F13. Limey haze smell. Cuttings rooted easily.

GW7, female, seed plant and clone at F13. Cuttings rooted easily and have grown vigorously.

GW8, sex unknown as of F13.

NHM1, male, at F13. Very vigorous in veg, nearly killed it when I topped it for 4 colas. Way too big to fit in my veg chamber.

NHM2, female, at F13.

NHM3, female, at F13. This plant was also a runt seedling and tiny after topped the second time, so I gave it and GW3 a one-week head start by transplanting them early to 4-gal hempy buckets. She responded beautifully, and is among the more vigorous plants.
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