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@thefoetus, thanks, and glad to see you are interested in these two stains as well. You did a great job with your Nl5Hz selection run and I'd love to see what these NH crosses do with a larger population from which to select. I sure as hell hope the Grail Widow lineage is the same as was reported from the testers, but I understand why there is some uncertainty because the strain description title says "Widow x Haze (Holy Grail)," which implies a female widow crossed with a male haze, which is opposite of what the actual description says...

This has been a long time coming! Finally the Grail has been made available, but as limited edition only. The Grail combines the strong particular spicy/earthy aromas of Haze with the fruity oniony aromas of the Widow family. This particular Haze female has dominated genetics top shelf strains since modern times and combining it with the original Widow male, makes for a mouthwatering experience and a mind blowing journey into a body high with a mind of clarity.
This plant is not so difficult to get right but it definitely needs love and attention if you wish to get the Holy Grail of Stashesthere will be a need to cure the dried flower for 6 weeks to 3 months prior to smoking it you will understand!
@wwwwww, 80...Yikes! Thanks for the heads up on the cost of this strain. Are you still thinking about NH outdoors this year here in New England?

I took some pics last night which I will post when I get away from this damned iPad.
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