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At F12 the clones are stretching like crazy (over 5x so far!!), but the mainlined seed plants are very much under control, as they are all between 20" and 26" tall. The three NHM plants gave me 1 male and 2 females. Of the six GW plants, I have 3 females, 2 males, while GW8 stubbornly refuses to show sex. So I'll have 6 or 7 girls to flower out, and it will be a crowded tent, but manageable. The tent smells nice when I open it up, but not overwhelming. Getting nice limey haze smells, with the NHMs definitely sweeter while the GWs have a bit more funk and character at this stage. I got a bit of an onion smell from GW3, which was interesting.

I'm going to keep a careful eye on the males over the next 10 days or so and keep them in the tent as long as I dare before they start shooting pollen, then I'll move them into a room with a south-facing window and collect pollen, which will be used to make F2s and also frozen. I'll be keeping a careful eye on them and test smoke the tops. I may top the GW1 male clone now, try to root the cuttings (as I don't have any rooted clones of this plant), and try to squeeze him into the 2-ft-tall flowering chamber for randy males.

Here's an executive summary. I'll post some pics over the weekend.

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