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Default Ready for the flip

The plants have made good progress vegging under 600W of COBs on an 18/6 schedule for the last week. They're getting a 650 ppm solution of GH 6/9/2 ml/gal micro/grow/calimag, and will for the next few weeks. I'm going to flip them to 12/12 tomorrow. No preflowers (surprising, given their age) but GW1 looks like a girl which would be great because I've still got my eye on this plant. Great smell in veg, sticky stalk and petioles, and more developed trichomes.

Let the show begin!

Back row (l-r): NHM1, NHM2, NHM3, GW1
Middle row: GW1 clone, GW2, GW3, GW6
Front row: GW7 clone, GW7, GW8

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