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Default Winter days with Neville's Haze

Hello, and hope 2018 is treating all well, hard to believe we have spun around the sun yet again. This year's growout is of the legendary NH. Seeds were from a hamper holiday pack a few years ago. 9/11 germed and have been flowering 3 weeks, just starting to show. So far one known male, 2 females, rest unknown. As expected stretching very fast and still many weeks to go!

This male showed at approx 12 days flower, earliest by far

a female who just showed 2 days ago, also the biggest plant of the bunch

groups shot of NH, a bit crowded and could use their own light but will do fine I am sure

nevilles skunk "paranoid cut" which is the haziest plant I have and will be the standard to judge the NH females.
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