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There recently was an AMA on CRIPSR/GMO by the laboratory that got the 5 year state grant to develop and advance these technologies by the government back in 2012 when the CRISPR technology was first discovered.

Was a fascinating read that I can recommend to anyone.

What I like to summarize for the MRN community in my own words and how I understood it (but I think it is hard to misunderstand):
Basically genetically modified anything to the extend we imagine/talk about today is only possible since CRISPR was first developed!

CRISPR for all intents and purposes IS GMO.

So the whole sloppy attempt of misdirecting the canna community in saying "CRISPR is basically GMO light and not the same as GMO and we never do GMO cannabis and if you are against CRISPR you basically don't understand GMO, not even science, bitch" is now blatantly obvious.

Before CRISPR came along, it wasn't even possible to genetically modify organisms/cells in the way they are attempting/doing today. It is the core technology behind GMO in its current form.

And this is straight from the horse's mouth (see link above).

Would love to hear what Sam has to say to that when confronted about it but I need my IC account for the time being

The way I understand it, Monsanto et al used different methods and were very limited in what they could genetically alter when they created their corn and tomatoes that infest our environments today. Basically it took half a decade or more to get the pest resistances and the inability to repopulate (creating the annual need to buy new seeds from Monsanto) along with the ability to "infect landrace" crops to the point where they can't reproduce either.
Through CRISPR they likely could have gotten the same results in a year or two and they likely would have taken it waaaaaay further once it was developed, if governments hadn't interfered with their wicked ways.
Now they simply take it to another sector/market where the governments don't know/understand yet what the public wants and will accept, so they aren't regulated in how and what they genetically modify.

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