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I let the trained and manifolded seed plants veg in my veg cabinet for a couple days while I cleaned out the grow pots, replaced the coco media, etc. Then I transplanted the seed plants and two rooted clones to 4-gallon hempy buckets, using mycorrhizae to give the roots a little boost. Because I have seen early trichomes on GW1, and because I got a rooted clone of that plant, I decided to add a clone of GW1 to the grow. Also a clone of GW7. Other cuttings are still rooting.

I may have seriously stressed out NHM1, the monstah, by taking too much growth off when I topped the plant for 4 colas. I probably took too much off all the plants, as some of them are now looking really scrawny when they were nice and bushy before. I moved the plants into the flower tent where I will veg them for a week to 10 days under 600W of COBs before flipping to 12/12. Hopefully they'll look a bit greener and bushier when I post my next pic at the flip.

Back row (l-r): NHM1, NHM2, NHM3, GW3
Middle row (l-r): GW1 clone, GW1, GW2, GW6
Front row (l-r): GW7 clone, GW7, GW8

I'm a little worried about how big GW1 and NHM are, and how far they'll stretch. If I get a lot of females it's going to be crazy in the tent.
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