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Originally Posted by OGL1 View Post
I have very poor reading comprehension skills, but I see zero evidence of Sam admitting to working with GMO cannabis in the links posted. Love them or hate them Sam and Chimera have devoted their lives to working with cannabis. Personally I feel they are probably two of the most knowledgeable in the industry.
Sam the Skunkman is a complete joke and a sellout like Chimera.

. And last even though not aimed at me personally,
"This hacking on breeders some like yourself don't no personally is getting very old, shantibaba for example is one of the best breeders around, makes good selections from many many Clones any breeder needs to do to make a good plant."
Most real breeders do not use clones for breeding, they use seeds. I know this is less common today, but it is because the so called breeders are using other peoples work to kick start "their work". I understand why they do not have the time or space to grow seeds and find their own selections to begin their breeding work, why spend years to create a variety when you can self a few elite clones selected by others and have seeds in 6 months of "your" variety? Shanti grew clones for "essential oil" production, not for breeding, where are the pictures of his hundreds of males? Any breeder should have a few or more, unless they are all female seed producers which Shanti was not, at least back then, he has changed his tune with the CBD crew seeds, as most are all female. And I do know Shanti, I knew him before he first made and sold seeds here in Holland, he was selling Australian knick knacks at the flea market here, like didgeridoos.
Apparently racist of Australians too.
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