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Originally Posted by Elmer Bud View Post
G `day BS

So you are a wanna be biker who couldn`t make it .
But know all the inns and outs of everyone's business in Santa Cruz from 40 years ago .

And know a fantasy tale about Romulan .

Keep it coming . Its better than a Stacey Keach show .

Mr Nice forum the kooks last redoubt . What you really need is the king of the bull shitting kooks JessE to join you all . After all he already rewrote the history of cannabis to suit his ends ...

Thanks for sharin

Another douche bag to add to my ignore list here. Wait a minute, elmo fudd here will be the only douchebag on my ignore list here. Adios, wanker. You are on a list of one. But I bet you get a thrill out of that, with your back of the class kind of bullshit, just like when you were in junior high. Did you ever get past jr high? Or did you flunk out?

I could have easily gotten my colors. I was never interested in getting any biker colors though, as I ran with a different crowd. Less violent and more intelligent. And far more deceptive to throw off the narcs. I was never busted for drugs. I hung with big time dealers that were VERY VERY low profile. By design. Braggers and show-offs got popped. Or flipped and became narcs, as I believe that Dave Watson did. My last straw hanging with the bikers was when we were at a party at a house up by Coyote Lake, and we were strafed with bullets in a drive by from a rival Mexican gang. But I suppose you will think I made that up shit as well? Whatever. I do not really give a rats ass what people believe. Forums are like this. Trolls and wankers and wanna-be's. This forum times out on me all the time anyway, for whatever reason. Plug in and it says it does not exist half the time. Something to do with the .nl portal or links. They have changed the law about internet access here now, so they may be cutting off a lot of sites in the near future, like these. Internet neutrality is over. No real loss though.

BTW, Sessions is coming after weed now. We may all be forced into the black market here again.
Landrace and heirloom seed collector/trader.

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