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Originally Posted by Big Sur View Post
Just Google 'Founder Chimera Genetic Resource Management' and you will get, "eel nayr" spelled bass akwards. You can thank Jingles for the inversion idea...
I've said this to his face on another forum where he was taking the piss out of a PhD Pharmacist who has forgotten more than Chimera will ever know. The dude is a fat little spoilt rich kid whose Daddie is a dentist in a backwards arsed hick town. He's basically built a lot of his rep ripping off real talent like Steve the Breeder and the Cannabis Cowboy (who is a damned good man who speaks ill of no one except Chimera). No one with cred really respects Chimera. I guess one great outcome of legalisation will be that clowns like Chimera get relegated to the halls of history. Fuck him.... Moving on.
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