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Hey mate, yeah I tend to agree with what your saying. Heard basically the same thing. Funny how there haven't really been any pure romulan available. First I heard of rom seed was the f1 with the Widow. Not to say rom seed wasn't available before then, but commercially the f1 was the first I heard of the seed. Later the back crosses through emery and federation seeds. It's possible rom Joe was professor ziggy of federation, but I can't be sure of that, it is funny however that the story behind ziggy and the rom was he had stolen the cuts. Also breeder Steve has said that ziggy stole the sweet pink grapefruit cut off him before it was passed around, but who knows mate,? I for one believe your story's and the strains you hold %100.And I'm not just ass licking, your story's make sense %100 and actually fill in gaps that others haven't. Your knowledge of the scene and what you say seem spot on, and I look forward to your posts and reading what you have to say! Keep them coming mate, who cares what anyone says,
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Also there is Mendo Joe, AKA Alaska Joe, who people believe as having bred Romulan. However, the story that I heard about that is that he just ripped off a cut of that strain. Accordingly, Romulan was a strain from South Korea that was brought back through Fort Ord by some doggies stationed there. Either a cut or seeds, more likely seeds from bag weed. Fort Ord at that time had 2 functions, one was a basic training for the Army on the west coast, and the second was that it was home of the 7th Division, supporting Korea. The 7th Division has since been moved to Ft Lewis in Washington State, and Ft Ord has long since been closed. Its the home of a state University now, and (as it always was) the home of the Laguna Seca Raceway. They also want to build what is to be called Monterey Downs on the old military training area there now, a posh Pebble Beach type gated community for rich horse owners. Like that area needs people with even more money? Phuuut. Where are the day laborers going to live? It used to be cheap to live in that area. CHEAP! My brother and I rented a place in Monterey from a woman in Big Sur for $125 a month in 1977. A buck twenty five. We partied our asses off in that place. It was party central.

Anyway, the local story goes that some of the Army guys that left the army joined or re-united with some biker gangs in the San Jose area. I ran <<very briefly>> with a gang out of Morgan Hill. That was the stupidest thing I ever did really, and I got ripped off there more than any other time. I bought a bag of dirt weed thinking it was great stuff, because they had sprinkled PCP in a joint. That weed literally had dirt in it! Anyway, those guys were said to have kept the Romulan strain tightly held in the South Bay, and Mendo Joe came along and managed to snip off a cut of it. He later went to Holland and then moved to Canada as I was told. Anyway, just another rip-off story about genetics. IMO the bikers were deserving of being ripped off for their precious strain. I have sympathy/support for any ex or current Army guys stationed in Korea though. I lost several friends in VietNam, and some after the war from belated injuries, like being exposed to asbestos in ships off the coast of VN and dying of mesothelioma. Then there were the fakes back then, that told tall tales of being in VietNam that were never there. Dunno why they did that, but I have known several pathological liars in my time. I think Watson is one of them. Mainly from my conversations with him on IcyRag.
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