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Originally Posted by StrangePilgrim View Post
Hola Sensient,

The Legendary Arizona Wizard MadJag documented his experience in detail about getting seeds from Rob in the 80s. I'll try to find exactly where he talks about it...

here it is...
Reads like Hunter S Thompson's Fear and Loathing... in Arizona. Its just missing Dr Gonzo, his lawyer. Seems odd to me though. Contrived. Using helicopters to grow weed? Really? I saw more grows in Central California that you could simply walk to in 10 minutes from the car. For me the real story was the unwritten story about the shift in growing to Mendocino and Humboldt and Trinity Counties from Central Coastal California, making up what would become the Emerald Triangle. Selling seed back then was like selling freezers to Eskimos. Bag weed was everywhere, and they all had SEEDS. Free for the growing.

As I have posted before, I have argued about this from the 1970s. The real hype is the mantra that you had (and have) to grow expensive catalog seeds, or someone else's genetics to grow great weed. Phuuuut. We had imported Colombian, Cambodian, Thai, top grade Mexican, Indian, etc. delivered right on our doorstep. We had local skunk weed all over the place. We had purple weed all over the place. They all tended to have some seeds, even sinsemillia had a few seeds. We also had second generation locally grown landrace weed, grown to perfection. And they wanted $2 to $5 for a single seed? I already had >>thousands<< of frozen seeds by then. Many are considered rare or extinct by now. But of course many do not believe that I have my seed collection either. Except the people that I traded with and are currently growing them. Most of them are not on any forums, or if they are, do not talk about it.

I do not pretend to know all, nor do I really care if people believe my experiences or that I have the seeds that I have or not. I do not spin a sensational story. It is dull. We had lots of imported bag weed back in the day. It all had seeds. I saved them. I have nothing to gain from these posts, and nothing really to lose. I do not sell seeds. I have never sold seeds. Weed yes. Seeds? no. I trade and grow seeds. I dabble in breeding. Its actually legal to do that here in my state and even in California now. The whole west coast of the US is legal now. However, IMO the real genetics have came from landraces and early unknown growers/breeders in Central California and later unknown growers in the Emerald Triangle that were later grown in Colorado and Southern Oregon. Then they were bred in the Seattle and the Portland area, and then back in the Santa Cruz and LA area. Some breeders are known, like DJ Short, Jerry Kamstra and Mel Frank, but most are not. And there were a few good strains developed from Holland, like White Widow and SSH.

In the end? As commercial growing goes into high gear, none of this will really matter. Us old hippies will all die off any y'all can make up your own stories and make movies about the 1960s and 1970s from some future sellable sensationalized perspective. Fortunately there were live movies taken at Woodstock and the Monterey Pop so that you cannot stray too far from the truth. Whatever that was or is. History is always written in terms of current context, and as such will be from the view of the future and not from the era that the events actually occurred. As you age you begin to realize this. I detest the TV show, That 70's Show. The Brady Bunch is more realistic that that is. I also have worked in Tinsel Town, and I know what a load of BS that most TV and commercials and feature films are.

Anyway, enough of this shit. Its time for my evening medication.
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