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Default CBG-Cannabigerol

I was reading the Icmag and this thread caught my attention:

Socioecologist write:
"This plant is now a grandma...the new generation of pure CBG plants we developed have much higher overall cannabinoid / terpene content (drying the first tester now). The effects of CBG are ... difficult to describe, but unmistakeable--it's a more profound experience than CBD. Definitely a head change, but still not psychoactive...more like focused clarity. I'm high strung and it makes me feel relaxed and calm, while still in control of my consciousness. The physical relaxation is its defining feature; hard work takes a toll on your body day after day, and CBG dabs are powerful enough to reverse full blown muscle spasms for an hour or more (depends on the user). It has saved our crew on the days we overdo it (most)."


"There are some really unique characteristics that pop up in pure CBG lines. The trichomes have a distinct silver color; this was noted by De Meijer et al. (2009) when describing the GW CBG varieties. We can reliably pick them out just by visual appearance now (but obviously still use HPLC and genomic screens as well)--they are striking. "

The silver in SSH is maybe related to CBG?
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