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Originally Posted by skubee View Post
would love to read your stories of your youth.
I have written a lot about my wild days being stoned in NorCal in the 70s and 80s. I was basically a stoner hippie from 1972 through 1986. The Viet Nam War, the race and anti-war riots, Monterey Pop (before my stoner days, but I was there), SDS/The Weather Underground, the weed scene, other drugs, motorcycle gangs, Telegraph Ave in Berzerkley, Mexico trips, Ken Kesey and the Merry Pranksters at Asilomar and in Eugene, Big Sur as a hippie Mecca, Days on the Green rock concerts, Cannery Row, The Warlocks/Grateful Dead, Santa Cruz, The Kinks, Crazy Horse, Clint Eastwood, yadda yadda. But then there are always these 'experts' that always claim that what actually happened did not happen, as has been posted on this thread. Also many of the things I did many people just do not believe. We were immortal in those days and my brother and I took things to the edge. The heavies that we thought were dangerous told us many years later that they thought that we were the dangerous ones. I guess we were radicals, but it did not feel like it at the time. We were just going with the flow, and amplifying it.
This is the way...

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