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Originally Posted by Elmer Bud View Post
G `day Glow

How about Santy Clause and the Easter Bunny ?

They are about as credible as the sacred seeds bust story .
Show me the hard evidence before the hear say ?

You think a Narc could survive 30 years in Amsterdam ???

Thanks for sharin

EB .
. First of all, we are not losing customers at all. We have never had so much interest in the seeds we sell. Any problems experienced can be dealt with if the complainants stay polite, but once they become abusive or begin posting heated, crazed rhetoric, then we terminate any interest in dealing with that person. I find this abusive behaviour unfathomable considering we have their address and pertinent details of what they are doing but somehow feel they can abuse us and provoke us. I wouldn't be doing that to anyone I had sent written proof to that I was growing marijuana/requesting marijuana seeds.

Fortunately, we have never had to resort to dealing severly with miscreants who don't understand their self-incrimination.

Marc Emery - Moderator
Marc cuaght in avalanche?? news at 11...

Of course he did delete the original thread on his forum.

To answer your question yet again a Narc can very easily make his way to the top of the cannabis industry while majority of the people remain ignorant of the harsh reality, including yourself who seems like you might know a little more about cannabis than me at least the origins of strains from Nevil, Sam, etc.

But as an American I have seen first hand what the DEA is all about. They don't want the guys on top they want as many small fish as possible. If they did take down all the big fish they would have a hell of a time making busts.

You can say we can't prove Sam and Marc Emery are rats, it's true. But we do have a hell of a lot of evidence that they are.

Thanks for sharin.

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