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Originally Posted by bluntmassa View Post
QUOTE=Sam_Skunkman;8125709]In general I oppose GMO crops, they may or not be safe but I hate they way it is used to create varieties that are resistant to Roundup and the like.
CRISPR is different in that no foreign DNA is inserted, it is a tool to edit the genes, and does really the same as breeding but with much more rapid results, as the same alterations will occur in nature or in classical breeding at a much slower rate. CRISPR tech can be considered organic by some groups and not by others. The USDA and various Organic Associations around the world seem to differ on opinions. It can be used to reduce dependence on pesticides, and fungicides, that is good.
CRISPR tech does not require the same disclosure as GMO crops with inserted foreign genes in them, CRISPR can be done with Cannabis and no one could tell the difference between a plant breed using classical breeding and a CRISPR modified plant, so it will happen, but to use the tech it is expensive and also proprietary tech but the savings in time, labor and money using it compared to classical breeding will ensure it is widely use in the near future.
I've known for a while GW Pharmacuticals was working in partnership with Veritas Pharma Inc. which is the first company to patent a marijuana plant most likely it would be a GMO plant. The company does have an investors statement in which they admit to working to genetically engineer marijuana.

But now Sam is speaking of GMO marijuana that he claimed nobody was working on when I knew it was 100% being worked on thanks to Chimeras work as head breeder with Veritas Pharma Inc.
G `day Blunt

Here`s is what he said in reply to questions about GMO .

Never worked or wanted to work with GMO Cannabis, period. I have never worked or ever plan to work with CRISPR, I am all but retired there is no chance I will do this even if I did want to, which I do not. I am a classical plant breeder.
I do find it interesting as a methodology under certain circumstances.
There are several other lesser know Cannabis breeders that understand the big picture and have the starting materials to accomplish big goals, in the future more and more of them will be Phd educated plant breeders that have a deep understand of genetics, and Cannabis. I have mentored a few the last decade or two.
We all stand on the shoulders of giants, from Mendel, Burbank, Vavilov, Bocsa, Bredemann, Von Segenbuch, Fleischmann, and too many others to name.

Spreading disinformation like a Boss .
Are you employed by a Gov agency ?

Thanks for sharin

EB .

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