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Originally Posted by Big Sur View Post
My issues with David Watson (AKA: Sam the Skunkman, Dr Frankenbeanstein, Sam Selezney, etc. etc.) is that he was supplied the seeds from the DEA busts in California and made a fortune off of them. He also took full credit for developing many of those strains; Cali-O and Skunk, among others. He also claims to have founded Sacred Seeds in 1974, which is a flat out lie. It was established in the late 1930s or early 1940s. He was never the manager there, or head breeder. He was a hanger outer there. Also everyone around him in Santa Cruz and later in Amsterdam wound up getting busted and doing jail time, while he walked every time. Never mind that his arrest record from the Sacred Seeds bust has been mysteriously redacted or removed at the Santa Cruz sheriff's office, even though the earlier Dutch investigation uncovered it's existence earlier with dates and specifics.

While it is true that Watson wound up injecting genetics into the global weed scene, albeit indirectly for rather sinister reasons set up by the DEA, they were not developed by him, at least not in California. I do not know what he did with the seeds in Amsterdam, but I know a lot about what was going on here in the US west, and particularly the Monterey Bay area at that time. Skunk weed was all over the place in the late 1970s. No way one grower developed it or grew it. Cali-O was developed by Jerry Beisler. Also the Haze Bros are a retro-lie that he made up for High Times. They were not brothers, and they were not named Haze. There was no Haze strain around there before 1986 that I am aware of either, nor has anyone else that I knew there heard of it. I lived in the Monterey Bay area from 1966 to 1986, then in Los Gatos and the San Jose area from 1993 to 2003.

As for his GMO stuff, he still denies that he has anything to do with them. He says that he is 'retired' now, obviously fat and living off his profits from the sales of his companies. He also seems to be immune to DEA prosecution, and his arrest record has been wiped clean. He told me that he had over a metric ton of seeds. I dunno what he is going to do with them all. Amusing too, if you post anything negative about him a lot of places online, there are usually instant doubters and supporters of him. Some are obviously him with yet more aliases. I had one person pop up and tell me that I had to be born there to know anyone like the Haze Bros. in Correlitos. Pffft... I knew a LOT of heavies in Morgan Hill, Gilroy, Prunedale, Salinas, Monterey, Big Sur and Santa Cruz in the 70s and 80s. They (and I) were dealing a LOT of weed and other stuff. Big Sur and Prunedale were pretty closed communities, but if you had good weed? Same in Santa Cruz, like at the Old Sash Mill. I got the band Crazy Horse so stoned one night they had to stop playing. That was in 1978 when I had a bag of fresh bud from Carmel Valley, grown from seeds that I had supplied a friend. Niel Young got really pissed and stomped off, as was typical. He was mad that no one was dancing that night anyway.

The shit I stirred up back then. Meh, no one cares any more. Certainly not the millennials. History has been re-written and is vastly different than the era that I lived in.
would love to read your stories of your youth.
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