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Originally Posted by PlantManBee View Post
You would be more convincing if you knew what it's called. I am done with the nonsense aspect.

EDIT: CRISPR could be used in combination with other gene splicing technologies. But on it's own, it operates within the genome of the selected organism.

"However, for all the attention to precise edits that do not introduce foreign genes, it’s important to understand that CRISPR is highly adept at that kind of modification too. Using CRISPR, wheat, corn, pigs, bananas — any agricultural organism, really — could be engineered to include gene sequences from a range of donors: microbes or fungi or fish. “You can easily use CRISPR-Cas9 to edit virtually any genome with your desired donor DNA,” "

Yeah, it is the lack of an R that make my post desinformative.
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