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Well Nevil certainly didn't create them all himself Sam did come out with Skunk, but after the Sacred Seeds bust which was a collective of seed breeders since the 1930's I believe it was... He did bring about a good amount of strains sure but I think he did more harm than good to this day with his partnership with GW Pharmacuticals.

Really the only reason I'm against medical marijuana. As we see in recent news the first person dead from cannabis a 11 month old who ate some edibles. Not like the baby couldn't have fell out of a window do to shitty parents.

Then in VT a man killed 5 teenagers from driving under the influence of marijuana. That was the headline but the article went on to say that man also had fentanyl and some Barbiturate in his system.

Certainly not a coincidence for those who want to keep marijuana a highly controlled substance. No way would anyone in the cannabis industry conspire against us. LMAO

We have seen the Dutch fight over creations like Blueberry hustle that their AK-47 or Kali Mist is unique. Why oh why would nobody conspire against majority of the seed industry in favor of their GW Pharmacuticals?? Especially when everyone knows Sam is a rat?
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