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A ship load of conflation going on here in my OPINION.

I'm not really happy about CRISPR, but it works WITHIN the existing genome. GMO tends to refer to "Chimeras" created through inserting genetic material from completely different organisms. Like when crops have Bacillus thuringiensis genetic material introduced into their genome.

In theory, everything that can be accomplished through CRISPR could be accomplished through breeding. Not so with GMO. Both are suspect, but they are not the same thing.

As for Sam.... I hate to prejudge. Which is where prejudice comes from. Don't like Sam, that is fine. Just because he is suspect doesn't mean he can't have valuable ideas. Hell, HE is largely responsible for the upstream genetics for Neville. I see people scrambling to pin down Neville's lines every day. Like he created them out of thin air.

I would personally prefer male/female matings and testing. People are being taught that waiting and patience are for fools. I will continue my chopping wood and carrying water, the old way.
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