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Originally Posted by PlantManBee View Post
Chimera's seeds have very little in common with Neville's. They are pretty far removed with
the possible exception of a line or two. Especially when compared to many Dutch companies.

CRISPR only uses genes from within the organism if I understand correctly. That is way different than the GMOs that splice rat DNA into tomato DNA. Still a concern but not in the league of creating true chimeras, part fish and part monkey like.

Blunt one you seem like John Oliver and his Drumph "gotcha" gag.

If you read this article they speak of CRISPR and they call it GMO so you can try to tell me it's not all you like. You can't breed a low fat pig overnight like the Chinese did, well I'm sure it took some time but not several years.

I honestly don't give a damn who wants to grow GMO weed just thought people would like to see that it's truly happening. Of course I knew it was happening I've proved it before just Sam and Chimera always denied having any knowledge it was being done.

I could careless what Chimera has for seeds too it's all clone only's crossed to Jack and before that it was a mixture of DJ Short pollen chucked on clone only's. Sorry to be the bearer of bad news but I'm not going to stay silent about big pharma trying to control the marijuana industry.
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