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Originally Posted by PlantManBee View Post
Chimera's seeds have very little in common with Neville's. They are pretty far removed with
the possible exception of a line or two. Especially when compared to many Dutch companies.

CRISPR only uses genes from within the organism if I understand correctly. That is way different than the GMOs that splice rat DNA into tomato DNA. Still a concern but not in the league of creating true chimeras, part fish and part monkey like.

Blunt one you seem like John Oliver and his Drumph "gotcha" gag.
maybe im wrong but except dj short genetics (and its overpriced overrated genectics IMO) i was thinking canadian genetics were the result of dutch seeds companies and to me chimera seeds is the result of this, maybe he crossed recently some well known clones only but again, chem, piff, jack, sweet skunk comes all from nevil's strains or sensiseeds which is basicly the same thing.

i will read what is precisly CRISPR but honestly i find sam the skunkman to be a shady person and a know it all, i created everything man like. i should give him credit where its due he sells pure haze seeds and skunk seeds to nevil but one thing is clear to me, in the modern history of cannabis, its not him who bred and share all the well known high quality skunk hybrids and haze hybrids strains we all know ( great white shark, superskunk, early skunk, skunk haze, nevils haze, super silver haze...) and its not him who share the medicinal CBD enriched strains or low THC strains we see at CBD crew now. he bred many strains as i understand and he has some almost pure CBD, pure CBG and pure CBC separate strains bred thru selfing but he never released them to the public. who he choose to sell his seeds ? us the growers ? no, he choose a pharmacetical company GW pharmaceutical. to me it tells a lot.
I have some real trouble to understand the man was a hippie travelling in afghanistan, india, nepal in the 70's. im surprised he's not already working with the israelies... my 2 cents my friends

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