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Originally Posted by Broseidon View Post
The best way I was able to put it into words is this:

Your mind is made up of neuron nodes (hope that's the right term) which are connected by a massive and complex network of neuron connectors (term?).

Throughout your life/the years, your mind builds certain "highways" between certain neuron nodes, things to access quickly from many places and where information travels even faster than through other pathways.
Things like your name, the names of family members etc. etc. are accessed through such "highways".

And then you have loooooooooots of smaller streets and even footpaths going off to this or that memory, experience, etc. etc.

My theory is that "thought" works similar.
You basically think of something and you think along a certain "highway" to that particular thought, ignoring distractions along the way and focusing on how to get to that thought.

Cannabis alters this process (for me) and it becomes very hard to control your thoughts and follow "the highway" without falling to distractions.
Cannabis makes me personally follow pretty much every single little path, be it a road or just a beaten path, until the end to see what lurks there.

Often times after exploring that beaten path, I can't even find my way back to the highway because there are so many other beaten paths connected to the one I just explored and they look so interesting and oooh look, yet another path, what thought might I find at the end of it?

Catch my drift?

So I would definitely say it alters consciousness.

At least to me, it opens me up and makes me look at things through the eyes of a child in a way, full of wonder and without the worry of "loss" or consequences. No restrictions, just let your thoughts wander off the main road and see where they may take you.

This can however lead to frustration when you want to share with someone what you just discovered at the end of one of those beaten paths you just explored but you can't, because your mind is already wandering off, down the next path and you just can't put into words what you just discovered/thought because you area already taken by the new path you are exploring in the back of your mind.
My subjective experience with cannabis smoking is quite different.

The "mind wandering" effect you described is more intense if I don't use cannabis to mentally amplify my cognitive performances.

My thoughts seem like racing all the times, and weed smoking help me to concentrate mentally on a task.

So yeah, I like to stick on the highway when I smoke weed.

In other words, you can compare cannabis to a nootropic, eg a substance which improve cognitive flexibility and executive function:

Note that I did not found a more updated study to demonstrate my point and did not found any evidences that cannabis can alter negatively information processing.

thanks for sharing!

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