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Originally Posted by tkadm30 View Post
I think of globalization as a scheme to trap humanity into feudalism and slavery.
USA formulated and controls the IMF for its own(USA) benefit.

USA formulated, controls, and ignores the UN ( through security council veto)

USA backed dictators like Suharto, Marcos and Allande, to murder democratically elected government, so they could suppress workers rights n living conditions.
They were not humanists.
Just blood sucking capatilistic dogs.
You are the beneficiary of a rent farming scheme that rapes humanity for your domestic purpose.
USA continues to destabilize the world, thanks to its use of American exemptionism, expecting other nations to respect international law, yet holding itself and its citizenry as Special or Exceptional.

Your head is up your own Arse here. That is why you can't see.
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