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Originally Posted by tkadm30 View Post
I think of globalization as a scheme to trap humanity into feudalism and slavery.

If you're a humanist owning a company, you will never want to sacrifice jobs for a machine.

If you're a globalist, you'll want to maximize profits and outsource your jobs in order to increase your profits. Its all about the money and nothing about fair-trade.

This unilateral mindset is only profitable to wealthy people. The poors do not profit from globalization and never will.
Mr nice is a GLOBALIST SITE.
Those who participate are in effect globalist.
Yet you appear as nothing but a cheap muck raking chump.

Explain neuropolitic please, you bargain bin pseudo-intellectual.

Is it just last night's chat topic at one of your Trump Youth rallies? Your latest catchy phrase of the day?

I am surprised your consenting adult allows you to use the computer unsurpervised.

Please stop saying that EW and terrorism are just fake, non events, conducted to fool the gereral populace.
All you would need is a geographry quiz, to achieve that.

What are you doing here??

Surely reddit of pinetrest has a population of like minded haters for you to rouse.

Don't think that the majority of members on this site are Good Ol Boys.

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