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Originally Posted by tkadm30 View Post
It creates deep inequalities in our economical system and ultimately leads to systemic poverty and complex social issues like getting employment, affordable housing, and the generalized increase of food prices. In addition globalization is a pretext to declare unilateral wars on independent nations seeking to balance their economy using their own goods and monetary system. I think we dont need a global economical authority to manage the money of independent nations. Shantibaba and Mr nice could survive without globalization, it just depends whether your business is seeking to maximize profits or willing to reduce its profits margins to become a fair-trade company.
Over population?

Why shouldn't people be allowed to move to better themselves?
Within the next 10 years, most jobs will be automated, WTF then?

I'm guessing your American right?
A family of immigrants at some point.

Globalisation means more than someone in control it's about uniformity and efficiency.

If you want to trade with someone you first need to agree that all items will be compatible

Do you think being an isolated country will help inequality?
😂 a sativa a day keeps the doctor away 😂
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