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If you can fully commit to a rigid light deprivation schedule then you could do it. You could force them to flower early and hard, and start on or around the Summer Solstice and that would give them a few months of decent flowering weather.

Also, you want them to veg outdoors as long as possible. Start them indoors early and get them established and then put them outdoors as early in the season as you can. The plant will always grow better under the giant nuclear reaction in the sky than under your indoor lights =D

Direct sun or shade doesn't really matter when talking about hours of light in the day, they all count equally. You want the most direct hours you can get, preferably a southern or southeastern facing hill.

If you haven't actually bought the seeds yet, just go for Early Haze. It will grow itself, you won't have to worry about light deprivation, it will be mold resistant, and it will be some top shelf smoke. It was bred as a way to get a Haze to finish outdoors in a moderate climate; I think it is the strain you are really looking for.

Good luck with whatever you choose!
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