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Greetings deran! thx for the addition.

Greetings professorjj!

thanks man! I love them to never want back to Hps.

There is a good chance that you`re right about those bennies, to late. My first thought or intention was to first sterilize everything with the peroxide, let that run in the system for 3/4days as i read the peroxide should be gone by then and then add the bennies. That would be before the roots even hit the rez. I just forgot about it as i where busy rebuilding the room, it just slipped my mind. quite dumb

I did think of it with the angel heart girls and luckilly they go without the root rot

I heard it before why go for dwc?! In the past i did grows on soil, even had some decent grows with it, but also shitty ones. Most of the time the soil came with bugs in them. So some years back decided to try dwc or hydro for that matter.From the first round it was a succes i thought, more yield with lesser plants. Being able to see the root growth is really nice i think. And I can fill up the rez once in the week if i want to without having trouble with under or over watering them. The 12/12 system normally gives me plants that start flowering around week 5 from start and get quite bigger compared to what i saw on soil and i like lesser plants authority wise. So thats what makes that i like the dwc. Before last round i never had problems like this and still hope i get control over it again, i just like working like with the dwc. I think it comes to what the person self likes to work with.

why do you like soil or media based so much? have you also done dwc? i`m always wiling to keep learning and maybe i just did somethings wrong in my time with soil runs.

Just been taking care of them, and by the looks of the roots the bennies are doing their job and are fighting the shit out of them. Thank God! or the bennies the blackish color is almost gone and i saw some new root growth as well. Gives me hope again.

keep you guys updated!

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