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Talking Exited!!

Greetings Tao!
Thanks for stopping by and clearing the GrailWidow thing up for me. Sounds like something special as well, it Would be really nice if i could get my hands on those to some day. till now i havent seen them up for auction. Do you you if there are still members carrying those seeds? mayby some F2?

About those plant numbers i just have to see wat will come of this, last time i used this light it was in a 80cm x 80cm tent with two nordles in there and they filled the tent out nicely.. With the haze genetics i thought they would get even bigger so 2 girls should do it. But also have to admit the chances getting females are smaller this way. Time will tell

Greetings Marcus_in_the_Darkus!
On paper it already sounds awesome! oh man the recommend cure time of 6weeks will test my patience as well. Luckily i have some other strains in the jars to survive and a nice ice hash is very welcome too so i will make some of the trim sugar leaves aswell Any plans on doing a grow yourself? Love to see more people play with this genetics!

Greetings bb247!
Welcome too! Cool to read everybody is exited about the grow as i am! How about you, any plans doing a grow with these beans?

The plants are doing well! With the roots hitting the reservoir they start to spurt. I really like the growing part and see them mature by time. The differences in phenos already start showing them selfs. Some nice indica like shape leaf sets and some have really nice sativa influenced leafs. Offcourse i allready have a favorite! Just hoping its a female.

stay tuned! will be back with more pics!

Good day all!!
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