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Originally Posted by tkadm30 View Post
Thanks for sharing, Old Spice. I totally agree with you that the definition of "medicine" does not seem to apply to cannabinoids. Why is THC, THCV, and CBD not considered for their neuroprotective properties?

Brain neuroprotection by cannabis sativa is a controversial subject. I think the recommendation to label medicinal and recreational cannabis "products" is occult and not based on scientific evidences of the safety and the effectiveness of cannabis sativa to achieve psychological wellness.

It is why BigPharma is promoting anti-cannabis laws to prohibit the use of a organic product not derived from patented designer molecules for neuroprotection purpose. Notice how recreational cannabis can be used for neuroprotection.

Neuroprotection also means prevention of cognitive dysfunctions like Alzheimer and Parkinson diseases: BigPharma is not interested in people using cannabis to prevent Alzheimer or epileptic seizures....


I personally have had a couple of concussions in my day, and have extended family with every ailment you mentioned that would benefit immensely from cannabis but won't touch it because of the law.

Deran mentioned how it helps stomach problems which I also experience, and the anti-inflammation qualities of some of the strains I have worked with were simply amazing for arthritis.
Productizing a plant that can do all this with no IP protection is a serious threat to their entire global business.
Big pharma is one of the largest lobbies in the world, and their political influence is staggering.
It is amazing how much progress has been made considering.
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