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Originally Posted by beauthebulldog View Post
When I look back at my past I often think that a lot of the recreational pot use was actually medicinal use, and that I was drawn into it because of the relief it brought, without even realizing. Same possibly applies to mushroom use.

very wise

some years back i was so anti towards our medicinal movement, like fuck those idiots and their excuses, we want total legalisation - now - and so on ...

till i realized, that only with the help of the medicinal weed movement things can be changed, i thought more about it, until i came to the conclusion that there is no recreational use, every use is medicinal, when you think about it

but most important thing is, my attitude has also changed, and i feel perfectly fine not beeing perfect and using this plant to become more perfect...
and this my friends is medicinal use, its doing well, its doing a good thing to me, thats what medicine is about

just previous night i had an upset stomach, then my buddy came over and brought some gorilla glue#4 medicine, i smoked a few bowls and all stomach issues went away, i could eat again and could drink again (without the inside going reverse outside)

thats it, so simple but so effective
forever again & again forever
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