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yo SF

iv heard that theres gold in them there hills

are you all blinged up like p diddyhehehe

im putin my money into my mattress

Matter of fact there is a good bit of gold in this state. No big mines like in the past, but plenty for "recreational" folks like me.

As soon as the weather permits, I'll be doing some panning, sluicing(hand sluice), I also have a small Keene backpack suction dredge which can also be used as a "highbanker". (Google Keene mining equipent) for descriptions of this stuff

Gold is over $900/Troy ounce. We also have sapphires here to in some locations. So I'll be looking to do some prospecting this summer.

I'm telling you that inflation is coming, and it's coming in a BIG way this time around. For comparison, it will be much worse than the late 70's early 80's....for those old enough to remember. look at what long term interest rates did from say 1975 to 1985. 30 year US Treasury bonds issued in Nov 82 I think it was had a coupon(interest rate) of 14%!!!!!!!!!!!

The 30 year bond was at 2.5% in January. it's now like 3.5% and you wait and see what it does over the next 12 months. It's gonna be ugly. (30 year US Treasury Bonds are viewed by many as a benchmark instrument for long term interest rates like mortgage rates.)


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