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hi deran happy to see u too

I know for sure pure sativas that are kept in solo cups ( even if not super rootbound , it seems like the roots not going super deep sends a signal ) flowering will be induced much faster than sisters in big unrestricted containers, up to 30 days faster. A strain that needs 16weeks in unrestricted containers will finish around 12weeks if u let it in small pot to start flowering then transplant after stretch has stopped. And contrary to what most people will think yields didn't suffer proportionally. But you have to get the timing right... and it's also plant dependant. Once the hormones have "settled" you can then transplant and finish properly.

It's a very good technique to finish equatorial sativas indoors without taking months.

I've never seen the nevils haze hermie though no matter the stress being it from too much light or extreme rootbound and I've grown it for 6 years.
cheers , Haz3
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