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Originally Posted by musashi View Post
Do you plan to continue a certain level of N throughout the cycle? Care to share your strategy here? I am interested in your temperature comment. What temperature do you feel is optimal?



I have two different soils that I use, one is a base mix which just has a light amount of nutrients. The second is my super soil mix, this mix goes into the bottom of the pots for the flowering plants. Usually 25-50% super soil and the rest is base. For my seedlings in solo cups I generally just use my base soil until they are sexed then transplant. However, the NH seem to require more N then my other plants that I have put in the same base soil. To correct the issue, I will add more EWC, Bio live fertilizer, and a little blood meal to my base soil. For the instant fix I have added Neptune Harvest organic fish fertilizer. The plants have responded well and are returning green. Hoping to sex all the plants by the weekend.
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