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Originally Posted by deran View Post
im oldschool, which means im blasting 600W on a 1X1m tent, havin a 1,2X1,2m tent means to me : 1000W for that tent, to get the same bud structure quality as with 600W on 1X1m

for those havin problems with watts and/or height there are 750W DE systems, they should run just fine inside a 1,2X1,2m tent which is 2meters high

DE bulbs have higher photon flux, are colder than single ended bulbs (therefor im not sure about the info you got, i work also in hydro store and sellin hardware to growers is what i do for living) and all customers who went DE are amazed with the results, especially when you think of solistek, who have DE bulbs: 2000K 4000K 6000K and 10000K

also there is a new DE bulb , which consists of 2 X 315 CMH , so its a 630W DE CMH WIN WIN WIN !!!

when height and/or heat is an issue, there is only LED left, and of course all other "old" systems like fluros and therelike

7,5 feet is more than 2 meters height, could work with 1000W , but 750W is going to be spot on

also height is a question of how many bulbs you wanna drive, if you have a multiple room with lots of litghs, height is not an issue, with only 1 bulb tho ... it would be wise to invest into a big fan , there is this rule of thumb for 100W of light you need 100m/h of air extraction, so that heat wont build up, this rule of thumb is ment for tents and cabinets, if you got an open space, you can easily half that number , also if your growing area is at a cooler place like in the cellar, its easier to cool that if its on a south side below the roof, there you would need more iar "power"

Thanks for your post, in the past I have been running a 400+ 600 watt HPS.

Not a big fan of the 400 watt buds and power source can't handle two 600s which is why I'm switching to a 1000 watt HPS.

Just checked out prices for CMH lighting and the prices are outta my range.
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