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Originally Posted by goldberg71 View Post
First things first. I wouldn't suggest starting seeds under 600w hps. It's more powerful than you need. I'd suggest T5 for that. They can be closer to the plants and they won't get as tall as yours are looking. No harm is being done but NH can get tall real fast. So you'll want to read up on topping, super cropping, or lst method.

As far as the new light goes. I'd suggest looking in to a CMH they run on less energy and I'm having the same if not better results. To each his own. But I recently bought 3 of these to replace 2 600 watt MH/HPS. They cost a bit more to start but beyond electricity you'll also save on bulbs. These bulbs last much much much longer! If I didn't have several hundred bucks worth of bulbs in the closet I'd be buying more of the CMH.

Thanks for advise on CMH I'm going to check this out.

As far as the HPS on the seeds, they sprouted under a T5 this pic was taken last night. They are currently in my flower room with other plants. I am not looking to veg just a 12/12 for pheno hunt purposes. They will be put in bigger pots next week.

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