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Default Neville's Haze Indoor 2017

Hello all,

Just got my pack of Nevilles Haze, I will be starting 12 seeds in search of a mother. I am looking for that signature haze flavor and taste unique to any strain I've eve smoked.

I choose MNS seeds after doing hour and hours on reading and trying different strains. I have grown successfully G13 and Black Widow both were amazing. I have also attempted to grow The Cure, Neville's and Afghan Haze at the time I had a lot going and I wasn't able to fully see these plants succeed but some did have the Haze (insence, spice, piff smell).

I have decided to give NH a try indoor. I know i will face challenges but I am ready to finally take this project on.

Soil: 100% Organic soil (water only mix)
Light schedule:12/12 from seed
Light power: 600 HPS to start, will be upragding to 1000 HPS soon.
Strain: Neville's Haze MNS
Seed amount starting: 12
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