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Default flowering tropical sativas outside at 5000ft and 40degrees N lat

Used to grow outside in pots. 4 or so yrs ago started in dirt. In 13 I grew Cantalope HZ, Exile purple wreck Jam Pearl. I thought I'd try some real sativas. I grew hashplant Hz ( a foul smell and no taste. the high was OK no more DNA). I also grew Nevil's Skunk and nirv Oaxaca and a freebee super Haze from Delicious. Ended up with 3 N SK 2 HPH 2 Oaxaca fems. All plants were done when a storm came in and lowered th Temp ~70 degrees F in 14 hrs.
The Mexican was done mid late Oct. N Sk started putting out pistils in aug but it was pitiful. I expected this. The weather in Oct was warm 70's- 80s cool at night. One night it was 78 F day and 40 night. The trics were pilling on.
The 3 N SK were large. one was a sk pheno it also matured early. It yielded #s. Growing these plants taught me what haze smells like. the super haze was really later. I started harvesting the lower branchres. The upper ones went from fluffy minibuds to 3rd and 4th branching fron early Oct to early Nov. the buds weren't hard but the smell and hifg were up there. I was smoking a joint when I sat down a13. If I could predict the weather like the climate change people I would have grown N SK again since I had AFG 1 out till 11/26.
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