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Default How can I get rid of fungus gnats?

It's been an extremely rainy summer and fungus gnats are thick outside and have found thier way into medium.
Each time I feed I see 4-10 per container coming up out of sides where medium meets sides of containers.
I'm at the end of week 7 and they're not up on leaves or in colas,I keep air moving at all times and hopefully this helps keep them at a minimum.
I've read they are more of a nuisance than harm causes but bugs can attract bugs.
I've read to use dish soap and water folarly,neem oil,hydrogen peroxide,but it's my first pest problem and with harvest just around the corner I don't want to cause more damage or spray colas with something that won't wash back out.

What can I use and how do I apply it and wash it off if I spray colas?So far colas and plant look uneffected and evert gnat I've seen is either on or around medium.
Also,could I be over watering in coco?
I'll get a few house flies but this year it's rained so much the ground outside has never dried and it's a bugs paridise.

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