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Originally Posted by deep goat View Post
my fav untested Neville's Haze girl so far.

interesting- she was first to show sex (by far), even quickly adding pistils
to her pre-flowers, but one of the slowest to move into alternating phyllotaxy-
seen in the two stems rising above the topping.
any thoughts on this fast-to-female, slow-to-develop characteristic?
i was hoping the mr. nice crew could shed some light.

I've grown about 30 NH outdoors. Have to admit they look totally different indoors and can't imagine doing a NH indoor... they take forever to finish if at all.

Early to flower means nothing. They can just sit there like that while three weeks later another NH starts flowering and finishes before the first. What to really look for is early flowering with early resin. That seems to be the magic thing with haze plants. Plants can flower for ages ... like weeks... and still show very little THC. Those little crystals that look like snow. The earlier they start showing up in the flowering cycle then the more potent the plant on average.

It's extra difficult to pick phenos with NH because it can just sit there doing nothing hardly for weeks then pack on the resin right at the very end. I always wondered what the term "very technical to grow" actually meant until I grew NH.

In summary... it's worth the effort if you can get a good one. The potency is superb. They can finish a full month apart at least though. At my latitude I've had two finish by end of April but most run into June till they get killed by cold about two weeks in and never finish. I've had one start flowering in Feb but usually beginning of April.... so huge variation.

Very odd plant to grow. Outdoors NH is usually the slowest runtiest plants until night temps pick up and NH starts flowering. Then it stretches and usually ends up tallest of MNS plants. Very odd compared to my tropical Thais which just go for it from day one.

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