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Default Nev Haze Outdoors

I've grown Mr Nice strains outdoors for five seasons in a row at 45 degrees South temperate rainforest with snow in June. Nev Haze is very variable in that 70% plants are very late but 10% can be early. Not a very high ratio I know. If I plant in Spring which is Sept-Oct then the late Nev Hze finish two weeks into June if at all but I've had early ones finished by end of April. That was two out of thirty. Not only finish late but flower at a ridiculously slow rate if temps drop. Very technical plant to grow but a good Neville Haze is truly exceptional in terms of potency.

I personally believe the most under rated strain at Mr Nice seeds is The Doors. Like I've said I've grown five seasons in a row of Black Widow, Mango Haze, Neville Haze, Neville Skunk, The Doors, U2 and Early Haze and The Doors wins best plant every season by miles so far. The buds are very similar to Nev haze buds but often smell strongly of Mango... they form much faster and finish earlier than Nev Haze and some phenos pack a real wallop. It is even more variable than Nev Hze in terms of some plants being early and some late and some are bushy and short and some are very sativa leaning but you can get very early ones that are still potent.

Anyway I originally intended to rework Nev Hz over successive seasons but ended up reworking The Doors instead... crossing it to Thai82 for my personal killer strain.

Getting back to Nev Hz it is April now and I have one doors with say 3 weeks left to go.... the rest 5 weeks but could probably pull in four... except three nev hze that are ONE WEEK into flowering. They will not finish before winter kills them.

Overall the Nev Hze are even slower than my Thai landrace lines but to me personally it is still worth growing just to get that super powerful one every now and then... but it means growing plants for nothing every season because they don't finish.

Hope that helps.

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