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Bump down Spamylon.

cbdfan, hempys will suck dry their container once they size it. Hempy bukkits make the plants restrict themselves. I've never had one in anything bigger than a half-gallon container that needed water more than 1x per day. Like hempy recco's, lil bit of light fertigation every other day till you see growth (plant getting bigger or root poking thru the hempy-hole) then fertigate to runoff every day. I use ~0.1ec tap water (ph mid-upper 7's) & dynagrow or maxi grow at ~1.0ec total for veg & if I bloom in them I bump it up. Never had a ph problem & I recycle my hempy medium back into my big recycled soil pile. I do run them pretty clean towards the end, though.

I've been dutchpotting my hempys lately by cutting the bottom off the old/small container, plopping into a larger hempy & supporting with lil pieces of broken bamboo stakes. I've also been adding a bit of peat to the top half of the perlite hempies & inoculating with great white. Both of those have been winning moves for me.
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