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Default Neville's haze outdoor organic

i live in the mountains at about 600 m above sea level at 24 degrees North of the equator. Semi tropical, hot , wet summers during June July Aug and gets cool in November. I have started a dozen Nev. Haze seeds which I intend to grow out this year. They are one week old now and all are about 2 inches tall and are in the ground , the sun rises now about 7 am and sets at 730 pm.
Who grows Nev. haze outdoors? what can I expect from these plants and when should I expect then to show sex and flower? Will they finish by Nov?

For comparison , I also grow hemp. Last year I planted hemp in late feb. The males showed themselves in June and the females showed sex by July/Aug and were finished by mid nov. The tallest girls were 5 m tall

Does Neville's Haze have a similar life?

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