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Thanks musashi! This will deffo be a long journey.

So a few days after i brought them indoors they just took of like wild horses, no stopping them. Even with topping and training i couldnt control 2 and they outgrew the grow space, i decided they weren't for me and got rid of them. None of them showed sex in veg on 18/6.

The other 2 grew vigorously too, but grew in a christmas tree shape and looked lovely, light green slender leaves and a nice floral type smell. They were easier too handle and i took clones of both and killed the seed plants. I put the just rooted plants in 12/12 on the 30th sept, this is them today, 2 males, 1 of which is a bit confused . Ive no need no need for males so these 2 are on the compost heap.

I hope to start a couple more seeds in the coming weeks, and ill update as things happen.

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