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Default a Neville's Haze development question

my fav untested Neville's Haze girl so far.
11 weeks from seed.
vegging in clone mum/babushka mode, waiting for clones to be
taken later this month for flowering in Oct.

she's the stretchiest and side-branchiest. stems are thin but kinda
strong, hard, stiff and woody. aromas are light, slightly woody/lemony.
and she's the lightest green of the eight NHs going, and bears the
closest resemblance to the greenhazexthais (ace seeds) i've grown.

interesting- she was first to show sex (by far), even quickly adding pistils
to her pre-flowers, but one of the slowest to move into alternating phyllotaxy-
seen in the two stems rising above the topping.
any thoughts on this fast-to-female, slow-to-develop characteristic?
i was hoping the mr. nice crew could shed some light.

i'll mix the pollen from the NH males to hit the females.
but i've got another male i also want to use...

i hit this cedar incense and wine barrel-aroma'd pheno (AKA suede) of a JohnnyBlaze F2 bonsai...
(J.B. is a (Neville's Haze x BlueberrySativa B130) cross from DJShort & Co.)

...with GreenHazexThai F3 (ace seeds) pollen late last/earlier this year.

the offspring from that JBF2 x GHTF3 cross is on the right (10 weeks veg from seed)...

...and smells strongly of lemon rind (i.e, unsweet, slightly bitter),
even in veg, and a bit of cedar wood- mmmmmm... soooo more-ish.

looks like it's going to be a male, so i've got a bonsai clone (above, left)
from my keeper GHxTF3 mum for hitting with pollen-
creating GHxTF3 x (JBF2 x GHxTF3), but using two different GHxTF3s.
should be a nice quasi-backcross.

the neville's haze will also get hit with this male.


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