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sounds like you had much better luck than me.
you ended up with a, or several, 60ish day plants?
thats what i expected, only to learn mine needed 75+.
plus you have lots of resin, only one of mine was acceptable.
i didnt keep it around though, not good enough.
if you remember mine, they were taller and stretchier than the JH i had growing at the same time.
i didnt get any fruity sweet smells from any, more acrid hashy type.

i would like to try a good mr nice one day.
glad to hear you got something you are happy with, thats all that really matters.
i have thousands of mr nice hybrids, but from my results with the females, i wouldnt want to waste time or space on the progeny.

Get those JH going, maybe you will have good luck there too.
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