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Originally Posted by Pantagruel View Post
Skittles flavor in the Nev's Haze? I want that one. I found what I thought was a good one in one pack... Now I realize I've been cheated! How dare MNS sell me a pack of seed with one really awesome plant that I thought was a keeper and then I find out there are Skittles phenos! Foul! How many seeds does it take to find one? How heartless can Shanti be? Preying off of the hopes and dreams of poor growers worldwide, all desperate to find the alleged next best candy flavored elusive pheno. Oh, the humanity! There isn't even a skittles pheno mentioned anywhere in the strain description. I thought my cedary terpentine pheno was exceptional, now I know I was living a lie. A lie that MNS was only to happy to let me believe... A conspiracy indeed! A conspiracy of dankness and a bottneck of quality, ha ha.
Frankincense cedary phenos sound good to me!!
I really don't think finding a good keeper is any harder in the nev then any other mns hybrid and yes I've run most of them certainly ssh mangohz afghan haze etc.
Id report that finding great plants were equal for me difference with the nevs it just bloody takes longer the afghanhz gave we the lowest haze ratios personally.

I hear the thing about hay like phenos, ssh pretty much gave you a keeper in every seed were as with the nevs its very obvious that some phenos are completely undesirable but decent enough ratios to find a keeper and well worth the search in a SINGLE pack!!!
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