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that's something that shanti can answer for you.
try the auctions and maybe you can get a better price too.
normal price on NH is 115 eu, but shanti offers discounts for mns members and for medical patients.

ive only grown 3 females of NH, so im no expert.
but I would advise growing as many as you can, gives you a better frame of reference as to which ones interest you.

i popped 5 seeds and had 2 males and 3 females.
i used the two males in crosses.
haven't seen much from the resulting seed, but i saw two nice females out of 8, so that's a nice ratio. and none of the other plants were garbage., just not as special.
from the NH females,
I saw a faster one, I think it was around 80 days, and a 120 day one, which I preferred.
the other female was a hermie.

the yield can be good, depends on the plant chosen. the 120 day female i liked had fluffy-ish buds, but the 80 day one had denser indica type buds.

i grew them under 12/12, and the 120 day female started to reveg/reflower towards the end. id say it would be better to give them 11/13 for the last month or two to prevent this from happening.
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